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BElAL SAMMAN architects was founded by architect Belal El Samman in 2006 and has experienced steady growth since then, the firm is maintaining two offices based in Cairo and has completed projects throughout the Middle East. BELAL SAMMAN architects is a dynamic firm that is poised to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest growing service industries in the Middle East. The firm was established to provide multi-disciplinary planning and design that revolves around architecture and urban environment. In BELAL SAMMAN architects, we persevere to provide high specific levels of service in the fields of architecture and interior design, master planning and urban planning, landscape, architecture research and design program, real estate investment advice, and construction management.

In BELAL SAMMAN architects, we believe that good architecture results from the balance of form, function, and technology, along with the comprehensible integrated structure, materials, and construction. For us, design is experiment of mass composition, however, this approach what most differentiate our work. The product identifies itself by its manipulation of design elements and the interlocking massing suggests a unique design.

Belal El Samman

BELAL SAMMAN architects differentiates itself from its competitors through the development of unique system and management procedures that assure client requirements are accurately interpreted into functional, economical, and pleasing projects. BELAL SAMMAN architects has design team, technical expertise, but most of all has availability, ability, desire and commitment to ensure that associated teams to provide clients with the best possible service and solution of the architectural needs.

Belal El Samman

Working closely with the client, BELAL SAMMAN architects will develop each project from initial concept through design and site management, testing, balancing, commissioning, and adjusting of systems. Attention to details, technical excellence and a total quality approach are taken with us wherever we work, to whatever type of building we are designing – from residential buildings to administrative buildings, commercial buildings, touristic buildings, healthcare buildings,  the list is endless.

In step with technological innovations, the staff members are supported by computerized design and drawing facilities, software engineering and visualizing packages  such as; CAD, CAM, BIM which permit rapid evaluation of potential solutions, immediate editing and significant graphic documents.  The firm is supported as well by an updated library of design manuals, standards, and product catalogues which allow the staff performing Comparative, Assessments of Alternative Solutions, Energy Modeling and Analysis, and Optimization Techniques.

Our four steps process breakdown 

Over time, we have developed a simple but complete process for our projects. Our process consists of four steps from concept to completion, without any unnecessary delays and cost overruns. We keep you informed and involved to ensure that you are getting exactly the kind of architect that you need. With every project we manage, our process combines our creativity, experience and passion. We ensure that every project is executed within budget and time frame. Our main goal is to strive for your satisfaction, and our process is an integral part of achieving that goal.

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