Architecture Design

a unique architecture design experience

Concept Design

  • here where our most talented designers work on the genesis closely to develop iconic concept design, and on the other hand working on the client requirements to adapt it within the concept.

Schematic Design

  • our architecture team will go further with both the concept design and the client’s requirements to produce full identity design document with visual outputs help our clients to interact with their designs.

Design Development

  • here where our team finalize the design after the approval of the client, and applying standards, codes, and regulations, then simulate the design with enhanced computer software.

Construction Documents

  • our architects and engineers will work on engineering, working and shop drawings, the n produce complete set of project drawings to approve them from the responsible authority.

Specifications & Methods

  • preparing general and special specification, authority regulations and stating measurement method and preferable construction methods.

Bill of Quantities

  • Preparing material and supplies quantities and estimate pricing to test the budget amount and current price rates.


  • Preparing all contracts documents such as; contractor contract, consultants contracts, sub-contractors contracts besides testing them legally.


  • running the project tender itself by evaluating the Tender prices and providing the Tender Analysis, we support the client to select the most qualified contractor (candidate) with the reasonable price to execute the project.

What they say about our designs

Health care facilities are tough design projects, but when we worked with Belal Samman Architects they showed that designing such facility can be easier while working with them.

Ali Abdul Azeem
Managing Director, Strategy

Belal Samman Architects gave me very good example of design firms working in Egypt. Working in the tourism field in many countries they proved that they can design restaurants and lounges in the best shape they could be.

Amr Abou Zeid
CEO, Fish Boat

We have worked with Belal Samman Architects in several projects, and every time they have proved that they deserve our trust, and we looking forward to work with them in the upcoming projects.

Amr Fouad
CEO, Akar

Belal Samman Architects was able to change the face of the syndicate premises, they put all their effort to meet our requirements and actually they did it

Al Sayed Abdul Sattar
President, ESSP

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